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In my gallery:
-Digital fanart
-Traditional fanart
-MMD models and pics


Improvement? (RANA V2 WIP) by whole-wheat

Alrighty, I'm gonna give a critique to the best of my ability about this. /cracks knuckles. The first thing I noticed about the new mod...

Vocaloid RANA - Model Work 2 by whole-wheat

Oh my heavens she's absolutely adorable already! Like, adorable to a point where she's literally worth hugging. Okay, critique time, he...

by Michi-K

Okay, critique time wooo The first thing I noticed about the arm is how the 'musculature' looks. It looks just like what you would actu...

Anatomy study 2 - Critique me please by Luumies
by Luumies

Since I critiqued the last one I think it would be crummy if I didn't critique this one too, haha. Let's see. Anatomy is very well done...

Random Favourites

My faves are currently in the progress of being reorganized, so be patient if you see pages of items somehow missing.


Specific-Themed Commissions

Custom Elsword Characters and Pokemon X/Y Trainers

Do you have an Elsword character or Pokemon X/Y trainer with a costume1 that you really like, and want to see drawn?  Look no further than here!  I'll happily draw your character, all you need to do is provide me with good references and, if applicable, personality quirks as you would 'play' the character.  Prices vary depending on coloring and how much of the character is visible.  I can also include your Elsword IGN or Trainer Name and ID for no extra cost, you just have to specify the font.

Bust (Shoulders Up)

Lineart (+optional transparency): $5
Flat Color: $8
Cel-Shaded: $10

Waist Up

Lineart (+optional transparency): $7
Flat Color: $10
Cel-Shaded: $12

Full Body

Lineart (+optional transparency): $10
Flat Color: $12
Cel-Shaded: $15

VoidEls Custom Skill Cut-Ins

This is a Void Elsword exclusive commission option: a custom skill cut-in that you can mod2 into your game.  The reason it is Void-exclusive is because all official servers view any sort of modding as a violation of ToS, even something as simple as a color change that would only be visible on your computer, while Void is far more lenient in that regard.

The cut-in will be a full body pose of your choosing, customized with your costume.  All cut-ins are $20 regardless of character.

General Commissions

Waist-Up Character

This is a simple image of a character, canon or OC, from the waist up.  It will be fully colored but have no background; you can specify if you would want to have a white background or transparent render.
Price: $12

Full Body Character

This is a simple full-body image of a character, canon or OC.  It will be fully colored but have no background; you can specify if you would want to have a white background or transparent render.
Price: $18 (canon) or $20 (OC)


A simple chibi of a character, canon or OC.  It will be fully colored but have no background; you can specify if you would want to have a white background or transparent render.
Price: $10

Palette Chibi (Gachapon)

A chibi mascot based on a palette of your choosing from COLOURlovers.  While you decide on the palette you want, the design will be of my choosing, though you can pay extra for a bit of customization (gender and general 'feel' of the design).  The design will only be in flat color, and will be free for you to use as you want--it will not have a watermark or signature.
Price: $5 (completely my choice), $8 (customized)

Palette Portrait

A portrait, either a bust or waist-up, of a character, canon or OC, using a palette from COLOURlovers.  Prices will vary depending on if the character is canon or OC, and if it is a bust or waist shot.
Bust Price: $15 (canon) or $18 (OC)
Waist-Up Price: $20 (canon) or $22 (OC)

Build a Scene

Ordering a completely custom scene, not just a single character, has its own section as you get to build your own order using the various options.  These scenes will be completely colored, sized at 800x600 (or vice-versa) with a signature hidden within the background.

Number of Characters

One or Two: +$15
Three to Five: +$20
All Extra Characters: +$5 each

Type of Background

Simple: +$15
Complex: +$25


How to Order

Send a message to me via note with the following information:

Type of Commission
Commission Details and Price
Character References
Other References
Payment Before, After, or Halfway
May I Publish the Commission Publicly?
Other Details

After I accept the commission, I will send you an invoice via PayPal to your email.  If you plan to pay immediately, the invoice will have a due-date of three days.  If you plan to pay after or halfway, it won't have the due-date.  If you are planning to pay after the commission is complete, I will show you a preview of the commission as proof, and provide the finished commission once I receive payment.

You can request to see in-progress previews as I work once I have started in the event you want to make changes as I work.




-Two full-body custom Elsword characters for diabolic-king
-One full-body custom Elsword character for halfdemoncali


-One simple single-character scene for TheDnDking



All art with the exception of the palette chibi commissions will have my signature on them.  Reposting is fine, but you must give credit to TimeTravelerEon (DeviantART) or psionic-beat (Tumblr).

I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am not comfortable with drawing it.  I also refuse to draw the following:
Pornographic Material
Uncensored Nudity
My Little Pony
Sonic the Hedgehog
Five Nights at Freddy's
Creepypasta Material

This disclaimer and the commission info is subject to change at any time without warning.


1. I will not draw your character with default outfits (Pokemon X/Y) or character promos (Elsword). They must be custom. If you plan to ask for just a character in a default/promo outfit, simply request a standard commission.
2. This is only the image for your mod. I will not be modding your files.
  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Vocal cover of C.R.O.W.N.E.D.
  • Reading: Random stuff on TV Tropes
  • Watching: Chopped
  • Playing: Void Elsword
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tea

Journal History


TimeTravelerEon's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Nice to meetcha! I'm TimeTravelerEon, but you can call me either Eon, Time, TTE, or by my real name if you know me well enough for me to trust you with it. I also go by the nicknames "Blue-Boy" and "Mamabear".

Expect to see lots of Kingdom Hearts, Bleach, .hack, Megaman, Starfox, and maybe Sonic the Hedgehog coming from me, as well as a lot of MMD oddities.

If you ever wanna chat or you need a bit of advice for drawing, writing, or MMDing, feel free to ask! I may not be the best, but I'm always willing to offer help.

I have a whopping six RP and Ask blogs on Tumblr, as well as my personal blog. I also provide news updates in regards to events I find on Tumblr. Some are good, some are bad. Keep in touch.

Personal Blog
Fan-work Blog

A few notes about me

:bulletred:I don't care if you have a fetish, don't cram it down my throat, and don't BAWWWW me if I don't like it. I'm entitled to a right to dislike something just as you are entitled to your right to like it.

:bulletred:As an MMDer I WILL NOT trade models. I don't trade, so don't ask.

:bulletred:I will defend my friends, and I don't tolerate rule-breaking without valid reason. If you were banned for a legitimate reason, you were banned. I will remind you of the rule and if you ignore them or choose to call me a 'rule nazi', I will simply report you. If you were banned for something simple, like a typo or for someone else's actions, I will understand.

:bulletred:I fully admit to being a bitch. Stay on my good side and you won't have to see that.

:bulletred:A friendly reminder: I am prone to emotional, somewhat violent outbursts. I tend to say things without thinking when I am angry. Once I calm down, I'm good.

:bulletred:If you adamantly believe you're not a human and you're some wolf/demon/angel/god/goddess/some combination of the above, just know that I honestly view you as an idiot. You're human, end of story.


Art thievery
Starting bullshit wars and blocking the one you attacked when you started it
Harassing other deviants--be they strangers to me or not


-AxlCinnamon (to an extent)
-ZeroAxlX (OT3)
-ZeroOmegaX (OT3)
-BassSerenade (I ship them with Serenade being female)
-Dark Elf/Maverick Virus
-Giro/Omega (a crackship with DevilmachineOmega)

-IchiShiroZan (OT3)



If I forgot you just say something!


Requests - Friends Only by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Ask Me by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDukePoint Commissions - On Hold by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeNo ACEOs by SweetDukeKiribans - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Special Links

I play Void Elsword with these IGNs:



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